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Carbon Fiber Wallet with Coin Pocket and ID

Colt Black
Magnum Grey


All-in-One Bifold Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket and ID | Coldfire

An alternative version of our tactical, Titanium-branded take on the classic Bifold Carbon Fiber Wallet with Coin Pocket and ID window , featuring a superior combination of CX6 carbon fiber and Performance Kangaroo leather, protected by RFID data armor. This durable and flexible high-end bifold leather wallet will carry all the essentials, with a slim body providing an easy fit for any pocket. The alternative version of the classic bifold carbon fiber wallet features a coin pocket and an ID Window compartment.

Open: 227 x 86 mm / Closed: 113 x 86 x 20 mm / Weight: 80g


5 Credit Card Slots
2 Slip Pockets
1 Banknote Compartment
Coin Pocket
ID Window
Branded Titanium Plate


CX6 Carbon Fiber Wallet outside part
Performance K-Leather
Heavy-duty DYNEEMA®-reinforced lining
Advanced Strengthening Materials
RFID Data Armor Foil
Aircraft-grade Titanium TI-6/4
Military-grade Threads

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