10 Ultimate European Destinations for Your Next  Mancation

  • Chantal McCulligh

 We get it, you’re chomping at the bit to get out there. Your passport is dusty, actually, it might even need to be renewed (don’t let it expire!) Hopefully, you’ve been keeping the dream alive and talking about travel with your friends and family. With countries carefully re-opening and inviting travellers (with negative tests of course), we’ve got the ultimate European mancation bucket list to get those creative juices flowing. We’ll have you doing everything from shopping for suave men’s wallets in Biarritz to yachting around the Greek Islands looking for the perfect place to leap off and go snorkeling. Let’s dive in!

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Check out the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Iceland is an all-season destination and winter will have you exploring glaciers and standing in awe in front of frozen waterfalls. And while the daylight hours are short this time of year, mother nature shows off in style with the Northern Lights. Vibrant ribbons of green and yellow streak across star-studded skies.


Learn how to Pour the Perfect Pint in Dublin

If you’re a beer fan, you’ve probably tried Guinness, but have you poured your very own Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse in the heart of Dublin. Before you explore the incredible museum and learn about this iconic family, check out the 9,000-year lease at the bottom of the atrium signed by Arthur Guinness himself. Visit the ‘Perfect Pint Bar’ to learn the art of serving up the perfect Guinness and then take the elevator to the 7th floor to find 360-views of the city of Dublin.


Wine Tasting in Korčula, Croatia

When the Game of Thrones fan activity was at a fever pitch, travellers were pouring into destinations like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik. And in the post-pandemic era, you’re probably looking for places that are devoid of crowds. Croatia is one of Europe's best-known secrets, so why not go somewhere that truly is off the beaten path? Korčula is one of the largest Dalmatian islands and a favourite amongst locals. Surrounded by the ocean, this medieval walled city has the feel of Dubrovnik, and also happens to be the Croatian ‘island of wine’.


Rent a Beach House in the Albanian Seashore

The Costa Del Sol, Ibiza, and French Riviera call to beach lovers during those sizzling summer months, but if you and the guy don’t love being sandwiched in on the sand, consider a lesser-known, equally epic beach holiday destination. Ksamil, Albania offers up turquoise seas, nearby World Unesco Heritage Sites, quaint villages, and friendly people. The cost of living here is considerably less than most other European countries, and while the summer months (July and August) are considered peak travel times, if you visit during the months on either side of that, you’ll find emptier beaches and great prices.


Take a Surf Trip to Biarritz, France

Itching for a surf trip? Europe’s royal families have been playing in the waves on the shores of Biarritz since the 1800’s. This beautiful seaside town is surf central with a cluster of surf schools offering up camps and lessons for every style and ability. But when you want to spend some time on dry land, go shopping for men’s wallets in any number of the upscale boutiques, or take a wander through the Basque-inspired art galleries. Located a mere 15 miles north from the Atlantic coastal border with Spain, the Basque influence is prominent and blends effortlessly with French coastal culture.


Gdansk, Poland for the History Buffs

 For a more somber, but thoughtful escape, consider a visit to one of the most iconic cities trading cities in Europe, and later, a Free City before Germany decided they wanted it back, and it was bombed to the ground. There are numerous walking tours that will take visitors on a deep dive into Poland’s trade history with the rest of Europe as well as tours that talk about its return to grandeur in the 1950s and 1960s. Gdansk is also home to the largest brick church in the world.


 The Lofoten Islands, Norway

 Norway should be on every seasoned traveller’s bucket list, for myriad reasons. It may sit just above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, but a warm Gulf stream means this corner of the globe enjoys surprisingly warm temperatures. Renown for being the land of the midnight sun, beautiful white sandy beaches, deep fjords, clifftops teeming with seabirds, and ancient Viking past, the Lofoten Islands are the ideal bucket list destination for nature lovers, sea-goers, adventure enthusiasts, and those who want to unplug and enjoy some wilderness.


Distillery Hopping in Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

 Scotland is home to the highest concentration of Whiskey distilleries in the world, making this the perfect destination for Scotch Whiskey connoisseurs. Fly into Aberdeen, rent a car, and make your way to Cairngorms National Park. Head to the heart of the Highlands and visit Dalwhinnie Distillery and enjoy a selection of traditional Single Malts, such as a 15-year-old vintage called ‘the gentle spirit’, paired with handcrafted Highland chocolates.


 Go Base Jumping in Switzerland

 In one of our past articles, we talked about some of the most epic places around the world to go base jumping. Europe is full of BASE jumping hotspots, but not all of them are legal! If you’d rather not risk getting arrested on your bucket list trip (which we highly recommend you NOT doing), head to Lauterbrunnen Valley, the BASE jumping capital of Europe. Here, you’ll find a number of world renown BASE jumping schools for jumpers of all levels. The cliffs in the Lauterbrunnen Valley provide adrenaline junkies with epic drops of 2,600 feet so bring some steely nerves!


 Go Tandem Skydiving in Prague

 While we’re on the theme of leaping off of inanimate objects and flinging ourselves towards earth at hair-raising rates, how about an epic 15,000 foot skydiving trip over the beautiful Czech countryside? Next to BASE jumping, there is activity that will get your heart pounding than feeling the thunderous roar of that airplane door sliding open, the rush of the wind stinging your face, and the last thing you see before hurling towards that earth at 200km/h is that elusive flashing green light. Your parachute swoops open and for six or seven blissful minutes, you get to enjoy a birds eye view of Prague off in the distance. Once your feet have hit solid ground and you’ve got some feeling in your legs again, head into the heart of town and go on a walking tour of one of the world’s most exciting beer capitals.


Whether you’re on the hunt for adrenaline pumping experiences, enjoy a leisurely, but boozy stroll through some of the world’s most iconic cities, or need a beach side escape, the options for European mancations are endless. You can focus on one theme, or include absolutely every travel preference, style and activity in one trip. You may want to think about those lesser known destinations in the post-pandemic travel era to save yourself (and your mates) some money, but also, to give yourselves the opportunity to explore places that may not have been on your radar before. Don't forget to make sure your men's wallet has an RFID shield for added protection.  




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