What Your Wallet Is Saying About You Based on The Type

  • by Chantal McCulligh


The wallet you use tells others all about who you are, even before you open it up. This is precisely why you wouldn’t’ walk into a date or a job interview flashing a DIY duct tape version as it’d give off a poor impression. This probably has you wondering if the different types of wallets give off different impressions, and that they do. So, to keep you from giving off a bad vibe to those around you, it’s time to figure out what your wallet is telling others every time you bring it out of your pocket.


Duct Tape Wallet

Just no. There is nothing good that can come from even the stylish DIY duct tape wallets. These instantly give off the impression that your maturity level is much younger than your age. You don’t have that big of a desire to move out of your parent’s basement and make a living for yourself, and you couldn’t care less about placing importance on the quality of your belongings, or what first impression you give off.

And don’t get us wrong, there are many situations where it is beneficial to not care what people think about you… But when it comes to getting a job, landing that promotion, or even just moving out of your childhood bedroom, the first impression you give off matters. Spoiler alert: your duct tape wallet isn’t doing it for you.


A Cardholder – Good Choice!

slimmest wallets

When you pull out a cardholder, it tells the people around you that you’re a modernized man who appreciates minimalism. You aren’t a fan of all the crap and B.S. that other people have in their wallets – and life. You keep it straight forward and sleek.

Carbon fiber cardholders also tell others that you are clean and organized, which can be a powerful trait to emphasize particularly if you’re heading to a job interview.


A Money Clip

Money clips aren’t bad by any means. However, everyone who sees you with one will wonder why you don’t have any paper trails or cards to your name. How do you drive? Do you even drive? How do you not have a bank account? Where do you keep your money? Where does your employer pay you? Do you even have an employer? These are the type of questions that run through people’s minds when they see someone with a money clip.

You’re much better off using a stealth cardholder. It’s just as small and lightweight, without the sketchy appeal.


A Faux Leather or Cowhide Bi-Fold Wallet

A bi-fold wallet can give off a basic appearance, especially if it’s designed with a generic or typical material, such as cowhide or worse, faux leather. They’re like the dad jeans of wallets. As soon as you pull one of these out, you’re telling everyone that you’re as square as it comes. You don’t have the time or desire to let your men’s accessories or style be a representation of who you are. Boring.

To counteract this impression, simply opt for a carbon fiber bi-fold wallet. You’ll trade in the basic appearance for badass, unparalleled strength and style.


A Faux Leather Tri-Fold

What’s worse than a faux leather bi-fold? A faux leather tri-fold. You’re somewhat of a nerd when it comes to your belongings. You need to have everything in the right, which happens to be in your wallet. This includes your mother’s calling card in the case of an emergency, along with an abundance of random business cards that discount membership cards that show the world just how “cool and frugal” you are. You’re eager to show the world that you’re now an adult; a contributing member of society, and you do so by pulling out your busy wallet every chance you get. In other words, perhaps it’s time to switch to a carbon fiber bi-fold wallet.


A Velcro Wallet

If you aren't in the 5th grade, there is no way you should be walking around with a Velcro wallet. Well, unless you have no reason for people to take you seriously. Otherwise, if you’re looking to become an adult and to be respected as a man, it’s time to forgo the Velcro. It is not a good look. Just no.


A Zippered Wallet

zippered wallet for men

Pull out a zippered wallet and you’re letting people know you’re the real deal. You are proud of your accomplishments and have worked hard to get there, and there’s no way in hell you’re going to let that slip out of your hands, or your wallet. You’re a tough type of guy who lives a fun lifestyle, whether it’s ripping on a motorcycle or traveling to crazy destinations with the guys. You work hard to play even harder.


A Rubber Band Around Bills

Well, this is an interesting choice of a wallet but one we have all seen before. You’re either heading to the strip club… or are a stripper yourself (to each their own). Perhaps you’re carrying around large bills under that elastic band and think that it gives off a better impression than the prior. It doesn’t. Instead of looking like you’re heading to the strip club, it looks like you’re running drugs. Or perhaps you’re entirely broke and the bills under the rubber band are the only funds to your name. Either way, this isn’t a good look.

Not only does a rubber band wallet give off a bad first impression but it also leaves you open to being robbed. You have all this cash out for everyone to see and if you think other people aren’t noticing how easy it would be to snatch your so-called-wallet, think again.

It’s time to upgrade to a carbon fiber wallet, my friend.


The great news is that regardless of the type of wallet style you choose, you can give off the impression of quality, unparalleled strength and grit simply by opting for a carbon fiber wallet. Whether it’s a bi-fold, cardholder or zippered carbon fiber wallet, it will give off the impression you want.

Shop Cold Fire’s collection of their best carbon fiber wallets today and let your wallet demand the respect you deserve.


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